• Elise Louise

The difference between cosmetic and traditional tattoo

I get asked from time to time why people would want eyebrow tattoos.

"Aren't they scared that they'll get sick of them? It's a TATTOO! It lasts forever!!"

Wait a minute, what?! There's a world of difference between body tattoos and eyebrow tattoos. As they are both called 'tattoos' though, it's understandable that people think they are the same thing.

Tattoos on the body are done with more powerful tattoo 'guns' rather than cosmetic tattoo machines. While both achieve the same purpose of implanting colour into the skin, it's like comparing a diesel truck with a sports car. The two different vehicles can drive you around, but they suit very different purposes. A digital cosmetic tattoo machine is suited to very fine, detailed work on delicate facial skin, whereas tattoo guns are for larger, tougher areas of the body.

The colours used to tattoo the body compared with the face are also different. Body tattoo inks are permanent. Whilst certain colours will fade over time, tattoos on the body are meant to be forever. Cosmetic tattoos use 'pigments' which are specifically designed to fade. You may think that you want your new eyebrow tattoo to last forever, but trust me you don't! The skin on our face changes (sags ) over time. Hair colour also changes over time, whether due to ageing or deciding to dye your hair. A permanent brow tattoo cannot accommodate these changes which is why special pigments are used for cosmetic tattoos. Pigments last from one to three years and gradually fade away. This is why annual touch-ups are recommended, to keep cosmetic tattoos looking their best and to adapt to any facial or hair colour changes.

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