• Elise Louise

Ombre brows are the new thing

Move over Ombre hair. It’s time for the OTHER hair on your head to get Ombre’d. Your BROWS.

That’s right, Ombre brows are now a thing. This is not a wacky brow trend like the ponytail brow/squiggle brow/braided brow… (ok so 2017 was officially the weirdest brow year). Ombre brows are a LEGIT trend that originally began a while ago as a makeup look, but are now an official cosmetic tattoo style.

Ombre brows graduate from dark at the tail to light at the front. Taking inspiration from the hair trend of the same name, which fades from dark to light. Ombre brows can offer a slightly more dramatic, thicker brow look for those who love a bold brow.

The great thing about Ombre brows is that they suit ALL types of eyebrows. Much like the Powder brow, the Ombre brow creates a perfect brow shape and fills it in. So it doesn’t matter if you have full brows or no brows to speak of, the Ombre brow can accommodate.

As a cosmetic tattoo machine is used to create the look, ALL skin types can have their brows Ombre’d. Oily skin types cannot typically hold microblading ‘hairstrokes’, as excess sebum & larger pores don't usually hold the pigment from superficial hairstrokes. So oily skinned types will LOVE the Ombre brow.

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