• Elise Louise

When You Shouldn't Follow Your Natural Brow Shape

When I was little, I NEVER would have imagined how important eyebrows would be. Not only do they now occupy an alarming amount of my thoughts, I have also built a business around them. Those two little rows of hairs on your forehead mean a lot to me. And they mean a surprising amount to how others perceive you.

In an MIT study, volunteers were shown photographs and asked to identify 50 famous faces. The photos were altered to be without eyes or eyebrows to see whether the faces were still recognisable. The results? People struggled more to identify the brow-less celebs than the eye-less ones! Surprisingly our brows are crucial to facial recognition.

The shape of our brows also determines how trustworthy we seem. A study published in the Journal of Neuroscience showed that we tend to judge people with higher, arched eyebrows as more honest than their furrowed-brow counterparts.

So the lesson here? If you want people to recognise you and think you’re trustworthy - define and arch those brows! But what if your brow shape is not naturally that defined? Like my formerly non-existent ‘brows’ otherwise known as a few hairs desperately clinging to my forehead. Or what if your brows determinedly grow too low which drag your features downwards? When your brows don’t enhance your features, your natural brow shape shouldn’t be followed. It should be enhanced.

Enhancing the natural brow shape by defining the arch with the Soft Powder Brow Tattoo.

How? By creating a new eyebrow shape. The beauty of cosmetic tattooing is that brow shapes can be created that suit and ENHANCE your facial features, regardless of your current brow shape. Your natural brows will serve to guide the tattooed shape, but an even better one will be created that lifts and balances your features. Think of it as a mini face-lift, minus the surgery.

Eyebrows MATTER. They can actually affect other’s perceptions of us. After undergoing expensive eyebrow transplant surgery to bring back her eyebrows, Ashley Wilkins told The Atlantic, ‘I finally feel normal. Now that I have brows, I just feel like I am myself’.

Brows can really change the way we feel about ourselves. To enhance your features and even increase your perceived trustworthiness, getting better brows can be a real life changer!

Want to find out how the Soft Powder Brow Tattoo can change your life? Book in for a FREE no obligation consultation with yours truly to find out everything you want to know!

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