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Taking time off over Christmas? Why that’s the PERFECT time to get your eyebrows tattooed.

Tattoos at holiday time are like naps on Boxing Day. The perfect time for something you really want to do. While festivities and plans are definitely top of mind right now, here’s why you should make getting your eyebrows tattooed a priority around Christmas time…

The little known downside of getting amazing looking eyebrows is the healing stage of brow tattooing. Immediately after cosmetic tattooing your brows will look DARK and SOLID. While some people love this stage, for others it feels a little too much like someone has taken a Sharpie to your eyebrows. For brows to heal with a natural and perfect amount of colour, they need to be initially tattooed with a LOT of colour. This is because cosmetic tattoos lose about 30% - 50% of colour after healing.

The healing stage takes from 5 to 10 days where you will experience some interesting looking eyebrows. After tattooing they will look BOLD. At about day 4-5 the brows will begin flaking. This happens because tattooing essentially creates micro-wounds that form into a slight scab. When the scab starts to naturally flake off, the tattoo underneath will be revealed.

And so begins the interesting looking brow process! They will look patchy until flaking has completely finished, which generally takes about a week.

If the thought of a week of flaky brows makes you want to hide away from the world, you might want to book your brows in over holiday time. No one will see your brows healing, then you can emerge from your holidays like a beautifully browed butterfly! It may seem like an annoying process, but to have a YEAR of beautiful brows I’d definitely go through a week of patchy brows!

Want to book in over Christmas for the Soft Powder Brow Tattoo with Elise Louise? Book instantly here!

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