• Elise Louise

Why I Dislike Our Obsession With Beauty... Yet I Own A 'Beauty' Business

Our society is OBSESSED with beauty. We are visual creatures, so our physical appearance is sadly given WAY too much importance. Our obsession emphasises what’s wrong with us instead of what’s right. This is a dangerously slippery slope. It can lead to comparison, self criticism and trying to achieve unattainable standards of beauty.

Focusing on one little aspect of ourselves mistakenly elevates it’s importance. Our worth as human beings has absolutely nothing to do with our physical appearance. Even physical attraction is based on FAR more than just our looks. Aside from personality traits, there are other factors at play. According to a review of research published in Frontiers in Psychology, attractiveness is also influenced by a person’s voice and scent.

In other words… ‘beauty is also in the nose and ears of the beholder’.

So why do I own a business that focuses on people’s appearance and mainly their eyebrows?!

As you know, eyebrows are very trendy right now but that’s not why I base my business on them. Having always had very fair, virtually non-existent eyebrows, I have always been pencilling and powdering them in. Not to make me feel more ‘beautiful’ but stronger eyebrows always made me feel more confident and somehow more powerful. I felt eyebrows were as important to my face as my nose or eyes. To not have eyebrows felt like something was missing, like I was in some way incomplete. Drawing on eyebrows gave me a confidence I didn’t have before. I didn’t feel the need to wear any other makeup to make myself feel ‘prettier’ as long as I had my strong eyebrows on. That confidence is what I hope to give to people. Not because you’re not as pretty without eyebrows, beauty has almost nothing to do with it. For me it’s confidence. Self empowerment.

We are SO much more than just our looks. Which is why my ‘beauty’ business isn’t really about beauty at all. It’s about restoring confidence. Feeling powerful without makeup. Because beauty is really about how you FEEL. And confidence feels pretty damn beautiful.

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