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Why Is This Better Than Other

Brow Laminations?

Other brands use harsh Thioglycolic Acid/Ammonium Thioglycolate to perm brows, which often results in crimped or frizzy hairs after a few weeks. Keratin Brow Lamination from the makers of Keratin Lash Infusion uses the gentle amino acid Cysteine to lift brows, guaranteeing NO damage to your hairs.


This brow lamination system is also the ONLY one that infuses keratin, conditioning and growth agents into your brows, making them grow stronger and healthier.


the keratin

brow lamination

Lifted AND Strengthened Brows.

Zero Damage Guarantee.


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How Does It Work?


Gentle Cysteine lifting lotion is applied to your brows with a warm eye mask while you are welcome to a free nap! Brows are carefully directed into position during processing, then finally are infused with a patented keratin and conditioning treatment, nourishing and strengthening your newly lifted brows.

Brow Builder Conditioning Tinted Brow Gel

How Long Does It Last?


The Keratin Brow Lamination can last longer than traditional laminations, as it strengthens your brows with no frizzy grow out. It will last anywhere from 4 - 8 weeks, depending on your natural brow growth cycle.

For added hydration and hold, team your lamination with 

Organic Lash & Brow Styling Gel 

from Elise Louise to hydrate and set your brows in place.

Made from 99.7% Organic Australian Aloe Vera, use daily to extend the life of your lamination and further strengthen your brows.

Team with a Customised Tint or Brow Tidy for your best brows yet! 

As the goal of Lamination is full and fluffy, a complete brow shaping is not needed. Just a Brow Tidy to remove any strays and a little trimming if necessary. 

After sleeping/face washing/showering, brows will have changed position so they'll need brushing back into place! Team your lamination with Brow Builder Conditioning Brow Gel, available in studio or online. In Blonde, Brown or Soft Black, it will add a pop of colour and set your brows in place all day long!

Organic Lash & Brow Styling Gel

My Brows Are Crimped and Damaged From a Lamination Elsewhere... Can You Help?

I sure can! The Keratin Brow Lamination is the ONLY system that can fix crimped, damaged brows from other laminations.

It's best to wait one week after your previous lamination before getting a Keratin Brow Lamination Correction.

Gentle Cysteine and a power packed conditioning infusion will not only help to fix your previous lamination,

but will restore your brows' condition and health.

Check 'Frizzy Brows After Lamination? They Can Be Fixed.' to find out more!



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keratin brow lamination



keratin brow lamination with brow tidy


keratin brow lamination with brow tint


keratin brow lamination with brow tint & tidy


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