It takes time and effort every morning, not to mention the panda eyes when you forget to take it off at night!


Imagine Waking Up Looking Like You’re ALREADY Wearing Mascara.

Welcome to the Keratin Lash Lift.

Your lashes will be gently lifted and tinted, resulting in the look of mascara but without the daily hassle!

Are You OVER Wearing Mascara Everyday?

Why Is This Better Than Other Lash Lifts?

Other brands use harsh Thioglycolic Acid/Ammonium Thioglycolate to perm lashes, which often results in crimped or frizzy lashes after a few weeks. Keratin Lash Lift uses the gentle amino acid Cysteine to lift lashes, guaranteeing NO damage to your lashes.

This lash lift system is also the ONLY one that infuses keratin, conditioning and growth agents into your lashes,

making them grow stronger and healthier.

The more Keratin Lash Lifts you get, the BETTER condition your lashes will be in.


“It was my second eye lash lift from Elise Louise and like my first treatment it was an absolutely brilliant result. I have never been able to achieve such an incredible lift as unfortunately I have short lashes that are determined to gravitate downwards. Once again I was delighted by the gentle, professional and perfectionist ability of such a skilled masteress!!!” Anna


How Does It Work?


A silicone pad is carefully placed on your eyelids, then your lashes will be gently adhered to the pad. Then a gentle Cysteine lifting lotion is delicately applied to your lashes with a warm eye mask while you are welcome to a free nap! Finally your lashes will be tinted and infused with a patented keratin and growth conditioning treatment, nourishing and strengthening your newly lifted lashes.

My Lashes Are Crimped and Damaged From a Lash Lift Elsewhere... Can You Help?

I sure can! The Keratin Lash Lift is the ONLY system that can fix crimped, damaged lashes from other lash lifts.

You can get a Keratin Lash Lift as soon as you like after your previous lash lift as there is no chance of further damage. Gentle Cysteine and a power packed conditioning infusion will not only fix your previous lift,

but will restore your lashes condition and health.

Does It Hurt?


Not at all. I’ve had clients fall asleep during this treatment so I’m not kidding when I say you’re welcome to a free nap during your Lash Lift! Due to my background as a spa therapist, it is second nature to me to make sure clients are feeling cosy.


I stand by this by offering the ‘No Sting Guarantee’. I promise that you will have the most comfortable Lash Lift

you’ve ever experienced. GUARANTEED. If you don’t, then your next treatment is on me! 


“Great experience and amazing results! The whole procedure was painless and comfortable

and my lashes looked amazing afterwards.” Celine




How Long Does It Last?


It lasts as long as your natural lash cycle, anywhere from 4 - 8 weeks.

Book instantly or contact me below with any questions you may have.


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