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Remove make up with the Cleanse & Polish Face Cloth
The Cleanse & Polish Face Wipe is a premium microfibre cloth that can replace up to 1000 face wipes.

Remove makeup.



Just one cloth

and water.


Cleanse & Polish Face Cloth $29

What is this magic?! Using just water, premium microfibres act like a suction cup to remove makeup and deeply clean while lightly exfoliating the skin! Find out more about microfibre here.

"The Elise Louise facecloth is the BEST!
It removes waterproof makeup and
exfoliates your skin without anything but water!
For someone like me with sensitive skin it's perfect.
I use this product every day

-Georgia, Greensborough

Cleanse & Polish Face Cloth $29

Microfibre Face Cloth, the Cleanse & Polish Face Cloth
Organic Lash & Brow Styling Gel

Done In One.

Organic 2 in 1 product for brows AND lashes. 

99.7% Australian grown Aloe Vera.

Strengthen, style and set your

brows AND lashes.

Organic Lash & Brow Styling Gel

just $20.


"I can't believe it works better than the super expensive brow gel I bought AND it's actually good

for my brows!" 

-Kate, Hawthorn East

Organic Lash & Brow Styling Gel

just $20.

Brow Builder Conditioning Tinted Brow Gel

Build your

dream brows.

Build the brows of your dreams with all day hold and buildable colour.


Microfibres add volume, colour adds definition and Vitamin E & Panthenol condition brow hairs.

Available in Blonde, Brown and Soft Black.


Brow Builder Conditioning Tinted Brow Gel $27

Brow Builder Conditioning Tinted Brow Gel
Carbon Neutral & Contact Free Delivery
Elise Louise

While chatting with one of my
eyebrow tattoo clients,
I asked her how she went with healing.

"Everything went really well!" she said.
"Except it was SO HARD to keep my brows dry!"

She wanted to wash her face but she couldn't get her eyebrows wet.

"Face wipes are ok for removing makeup but I wanted to really clean my face.
And I hate the waste with face wipes!"

So the 
Cleanse & Polish Face Cloth was born.

All of my products have come out of chats just like this with my clients.

Now I'm bringing these products to you.


I hope you love them as much as I loved making them.


To lessen the environmental impact in

bringing you these goodies,

I'm committed to 100% Carbon Neutral Delivery

with compostable mail bags.


Yours in brows and lashes,

Elise Louise


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