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Healed Soft Powder Brow Tattoo



How Does It Work?


A cosmetic tattoo machine with the finest needle airbrushes pigment into the skin, creating very fine dots throughout the brow.

After healing, it looks just like you’ve softly powdered your brows in PERFECTLY.

“I can't recommend Elise enough. The brows I have now are amazing - and don't look like a tattoo at all, it's a really natural looking finish. The shape is perfect, I couldn't be happier… 

The discomfort factor was minimal, in fact while the colour was going on I kept nodding off!”



Soft Powder Brow Tattoo technique
Healed Soft Powder Brow Tattoo

But Will It Look As Natural As Feathering/Microblading?


While microblading can look ok to begin with, it doesn't taken long before the 'hairstokes' begin to blur or fade. Microblading doesn’t last anywhere near as long as the Soft Powder Tattoo. Which means you may need to get microblading done at least every 6 months to maintain your results. This creates unnecessary trauma to the skin & scarring.

You will only need an annual top up for the Soft Powder Tattoo.



I’ve Had Eyebrow Tattooing Before And It’s Gone Pink! Will This Happen Again?


Eyebrow tattoos can turn pink due to iron oxides in pigments. Iron oxide pigments are the most widely used type of pigments in cosmetic tattooing. I only use iron oxide FREE pigments in Soft Powder Brow Tattoo procedures so you never have to fear pink brows. The Soft Powder brow can effectively cover most old orange/pink brow tattoos, but best to book in a free consultation with me so I can assess your old tattoo before going forward.

Cover up of blurred pink microblading



Soft Powder Brow Tattoo technique

Will It Hurt?


Your comfort is top priority, so numbing agents can be used so that you are completely comfortable.

I check in with clients very often during the procedure to make sure they are feeling ok.

Due to my background as a spa therapist, it is inbuilt in me to make sure clients are feeling cosy!


“Loved every minute of my experience at Elise Louise. I felt no pain and my brows are perfection.

I started getting compliments straight away love love love my new brows!” Ashlea

What If I Don’t Like The Shape?


I allow a lot of time before the procedure to discuss your desired shape for your new Soft Powder brow. I don’t believe in one shape fits all. Then using precise measuring that takes your preference, face shape, natural eyebrow shape and the golden ratio rule of measurement into account, I create the ideal shape for you. I then work with you to make sure you are completely in love with the shape before moving forward. If you’re not happy, then I’m not happy!


I stand by this by offering the ‘Love your Shape’ Guarantee.

We don’t proceed to your tattoo unless you are in LOVE with your shape.



“Having been to several, very experienced brow tattooists in the past and having unsatisfactory results, I was skeptical about having them done again. Elise did an amazing job!!! She worked with me every step of the way to ensure I would be happy with the result. She nailed it. Would happily recommend her!!!” Bronwyn

Does The Procedure Take Long?


I allow 3 hours for the procedure as I am a perfectionist. I want to make sure you are completely happy with the shape before we go forward which can take time. Consultation and shaping can take 1-1.5 hours, with actual tattooing time taking 1-1.5 hours. However I believe 3 hours is well worth the time spent to wake up with beautiful eyebrows everyday!


“Had a great experience with Elise. It took a bit of time but that is only because Elise is very pedantic and wants to ensure the brows are perfect and you are happy. I highly recommend Elise for your beautiful brows, just make sure you leave lots of time to relax and enjoy your treatment.” Catherine


The Soft Powder Brow Tattoo






 perfecting session

 6-8 weeks later


*$50 non refundable deposit

required to secure your booking.

this will go towards the price

of procedure on the day.

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