• Elise Louise

Why the Soft Powder Brow Tattoo lasts longer than microblading...

So you’ve made the decision to get a brow tattoo. Yaaassss!!! I’m guessing you also want it to last right?! It often comes as a surprise to find out EXACTLY how long you can expect your brow tattoo to last, depending on the technique you go for…

Firstly let’s talk about microblading, also known as ‘feathering’. Still the most widely known brow tattoo technique in Australia, yet not everyone knows what the technique actually involves… Microblading uses a hand tool that looks a lot like a mini scalpel. The little tool aka ‘microblade’ is actually comprised of a row of needles. The microblade makes slices into the brow area where colour is then deposited. These slices are made to mimic the look of brow hairs. Because the technique involves cutting the skin, it must be done VERY superficially so that scar tissue is not created. This means that it doesn’t last very long and touch ups are generally needed every 6 - 9 months.

Lesser known but slowly gaining popularity is the Powder technique also known as ‘Ombre’.

A tattoo machine is used to create Powder/Ombre brows, which I like to call the Soft Powder Brow Tattoo. Thousands of tiny dots of colour are implanted into the skin with a single needle, which creates the look of soft makeup. Tattoo machines are able to implant colour at a precise, consistent level in the skin, slightly deeper than microblading can. This means colour will last for longer. As a lot MORE colour is also implanted, the Soft Powder Brow Tattoo takes longer to fade compared to microblading. Touch ups are generally required every 1 - 2 years.

If you want a long lasting brow tattoo, the Soft Powder technique is your best option. Want to find out more? Book in for a free consultation with me and let’s talk BROWS!

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