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How Long Do Lash Lifts Last?

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

“Do you want my old jacket?”

Not something you tend to want to hear from your Mum.

Unless it’s my Mum that is. My Mum was COOL back in the day. And she bought quality. Not like the top I bought online cause it was $8.99 with free delivery. Mum invested in her clothes. She bought fabrics that would last. And she looked after them.

The same is true for lash lifts. A lash lift will last if you get a quality one. And if you look after your lashes.

Not All Lash Lifts Are Created Equal

A lash lift always uses a perming solution to ‘lift’ your lashes. Almost every brand uses something called ‘thioglycolic acid’ or similar. That super strong chemical smell you used to encounter at hair salons is thioglycolic acid working it’s magic. Whilst we loved it in the 80’s when we were rocking perms, it is definitely not loved by lashes.

Normal Lash Lifts Can Be Damaging To Lashes

Thioglycolic acid can be dehydrating and damaging when used in lash lifts. If your lashes have become frizzy after a lash lift, the perming agent used was too harsh. Only thick lashes can take these kinds of perming solutions. If your lashes are on the fine side, they will be damaged.

When strong perming agents are used, they need a very short amount of time to work. Leaving strong solutions on your lashes for too long means they will become over processed aka frizzy. Like when you leave a cake in the oven for too long, it gets burnt and dry.

The Newest Lash Lift Is Damage Free

So what can we do to get those ‘I woke up like this’ lifted lashes of our dreams?! Well I’m glad you asked. The newest lash lift on the block uses the amino acid ‘cysteine’ as it’s perming solution. Cysteine is super gentle and is used in hair salons to achieve soft beachy waves. Minus the harsh chemical smell and the damage of thioglycolic acid. These types of lifts are often also called a ‘keratin lash lift’. Just be sure to ask your technician if they are actually using Cysteine. Some keratin lash lifts use Thioglycolic Acid then pop on a keratin treatment at the end, but by then the damage has been done.

The Keratin Lash Lift using Cysteine

How To Care For Your Lashes After A Lash Lift

The good news is that you don’t need to use any serums after a keratin lash lift. Your lashes have just had a deep conditioning keratin treatment so they’re in great shape.

The important thing is to extend the life of your lift. That way you get the biggest bang for your buck out of your lash lift. There are two ways to do this:

1. Don’t use oil on your lashes. Oil is a heavy substance for your lashes and can cause your lift to drop prematurely.

2. Use a strengthening clear mascara daily to keep training your lashes into being lifted and to keep them looking their best.

Keratin Lash Lifts Last Longer

A lash lift will last anywhere from 4-8 weeks IF you get a keratin lash lift. Quality ingredients mean a longer lasting lift. And if you look after your lashes by not getting oil on them and by using a strengthening clear mascara daily, you’ll get as long as possible out of your lift.

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Elise Louise
Elise Louise

Elise Louise is the client certified 'brow wizard'. Seriously, she has the certificate her client made her to prove it.

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