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How To Fix A Bad Lash Lift

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Did your dream of waking up with flutter-worthy lashes turn into a frizzy nightmare? You’re not alone lovely. Just type in ‘lash lift went wrong’ and you’ll find LOTS of ladies in the same boat.

So what’s up with lash lifts? Why does everyone go on about them when they make your lashes look like crimped frizz balls? Because not ALL lash lifts are created equal…

This is what went wrong

To sum it all up in two words? Thioglycolic Acid.

This is the main culprit that turned your lash lift dreams into a nightmare. Thioglycolic Acid (TA) is STRONG. Like it’s used to perm the hairs on your head kinda strong. And often it can be way too much for your lashes to take.

A lash lift works by using a perming agent to firstly break down the structure of your lashes. This is so they can then be restructured in a different way - lifted and curled.

Thioglycolic Acid (TA) is an aggressive perming agent. It raises the Ph of your lashes REAL quick which opens up the hair scales super fast. Then a neutralising agent is used to quickly lower the Ph and set the lashes into their new position.

When the Ph of your lashes is rapidly raised and lowered, it weakens the hair structure. This is the first reason why your lashes get damaged and frizzy from a Thioglycolic Acid (TA) lash lift.

Certain lash lifts weaken your lashes

The second reason Thioglycolic Acid (TA) can damage your lashes is if it was left on for too long. Like I said, TA is strong. If you leave it on lashes for even a minute too long, that can be the difference between lifted and damaged lashes. This is called ‘over-processing’ and it’s unfortunately super easy to do with TA.

Your lashes were over-processed

The third reason for damage is that TA is placed on the root of your lashes during a lash lift. This is because the root of your lashes is where the lift comes from.

Technicians have to be SUPER careful not to put TA on the tips of your lashes during a lash lift. If they accidentally do - the tips of your lashes would be pretty much instantly damaged as the tips of lashes are incredibly fine.

However… when you put TA on the roots of lashes, you unknowingly also put it on the tips of the baby lashes that are just starting to grow in. So when these lashes grow out - they are already damaged. This is why you may not see the damage from a TA lash lift until weeks later!

What do I do now?

Sadly the damage has already been done lovely. You now have two options:

1. Wait it out.

You can wait for the frizzed lashes to completely grow out. Your new undamaged lashes will grow in after one to two months. In the meantime you can use conditioning treatments, but they won’t visibly reverse the damage that has been done. Once you can see crimped, frizzy lashes, conditioning treatments can’t straighten them out. They can hydrate and condition, but they can’t fix frizz.

2. Get them fixed.

The good news is your lashes CAN be fixed! Hooray!

So you need to straighten out the kinks and frizz from your lashes right? Which a lash lift does. But you can’t get another Thioglycolic Acid lash lift because you’ll make the problem worse.


You need a Keratin Lash Lift that uses Cysteine as it’s perming agent. Cysteine is the new hero of perming solutions. It’s a little amino acid that SLOWLY raises the Ph of your lashes to gently open hair scales without causing damage. So lashes are gently lifted and damage free!

As Cysteine is heat activated, once you remove the heat - processing stops. But your hair scales are still open. This is the real game changer. A keratin treatment is then put onto your lashes which actually penetrates the hair because the hair scales are still open. This treatment gives the strength and hydration back to your poor damaged lashes. Then a Ph lowering solution is applied to lower your hair scales and SEAL IN the treatment! No more kinks, frizz and you’re left with hydrated, lifted lashes.


Before and after the Keratin Lash Lift using Cysteine
Before and after the Keratin Lash Lift using Cysteine

No Damage Lash Lift

As Cysteine cannot damage your lashes you can have a Keratin Lash Lift using Cysteine at anytime. This means you don’t have to wait months for your frizzy lashes to grow out! You can get them FIXED.

Lash lifts can be the best thing ever to get those ‘I just woke up like this’ lashes of your dreams. Just make sure you get the right lash lift.

Get your lashes fixed at Elise Louise! Book in now for the Keratin Lash Lift using Cysteine for damage free, beautifully lifted lashes.

Elise Louise is the client certified 'brow wizard'. Seriously, she has the Hogwarts certificate her client made her to prove it.

Find her in her Melbourne salon, specialising in the Soft Powder Brow Tattoo, the Keratin Lash Lift and expert brow services.

Check out more of her blog here or see her on Youtube here.


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