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How To Get Better Skin In Under Two Minutes A Day

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

You don’t need a ten step beauty routine to improve your skin.

“Long processed routines have no scientific evidence to support claims of their benefits." says Dr Ritu Gupta from Sydney's Platinum Dermatology.

And the good news? You can get better skin in just a few minutes everyday.

Dull & dehydrated?

Is your skin looking a bit under the weather? While trying to cope with 2020 being an absolute dumpster fire of a year, you’d be forgiven for letting your skincare routine slide!

Healthy skin is RADIANT skin. It looks bright, smooth and hydrated. If your skin is looking a little dull, it may have something to do with how often you’re exfoliating.

As we age, our rate of skin cell renewal slows down. This means a build up of dead skin cells.

Dead skin cells = Dull looking skin.

Time to polish!

To perk up your skin, exfoliating is KEY.

Not only can you achieve a more glowy complexion, you actually will allow the skincare products you put on to penetrate better. This means you’re getting a better result from your products and letting them do their job properly. Double yay!

Let your skin do the work

Exfoliating does even MORE for the skin though.

According to Dr Lancer in his book Younger, the Breakthrough Anti-Ageing Method for Radiant Skin, “Gentle exfoliation sends a message to the dermis that repair should begin and fresh cells are needed. Controlled, repetitive, mechanical stimulation (exfoliation) reaches deeper than the epidermis to improve the appearance of your skin. Exfoliation ultimately stimulates the body’s mechanism for rebuilding collagen, the key to restoring your skin.”

So by exfoliating you’re not only removing dead skin cells, you’re telling your body to create more collagen! Improving collagen production helps with skin elasticity, boosting moisture levels and reducing wrinkles.


How Often Should I Exfoliate?

Dr Lancer recommends exfoliating daily to really reap the benefits. But you need a gentle exfoliant to do this. Try powder exfoliants or better yet…

Microfibre cloths. Yep those cloths you clean your house with are AMAZING for skincare too!

Cleanse & Polish In One

Microfibre cloths can remove your makeup, clean your face AND polish your skin with just water.

This is a game changer for sensitive skin types and anyone that wants to save time on their skincare routine!

Just make sure you use a microfibre cloth designed for the face. You need premium microfibre for maximum softness on your delicate facial skin.

PRO TIP: After wiping your face with your microfibre cloth to remove makeup and clean the skin, turn your cloth over or use a different section. Then use gentle circular motions for a full minute to polish your skin.

The key to better skin is gentle daily exfoliation. It gives a brighter complexion, stimulates collagen production AND allows the products you use to do their job better. For the quickest and most gentle exfoliation try microfibre face cloths.

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Elise Louise is the client certified 'brow wizard'. Seriously, she has the certificate her client made her to prove it.

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