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How To Remove Makeup Without Makeup Remover

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Ah yes please to a good beauty hack. While I would LOVE to have the time for a ten-step Korean beauty routine, I know those well-intentioned products will end up at the back of my bathroom cupboard after about three days. Because really… just taking my makeup off at the end of a day is enough of a commitment.

There Is Beauty In Simplicity

“Long processed routines have no scientific evidence to support claims of their benefits.” states Dr Ritu Gupta from Sydney’s Platinum Dermatology in “The case for cleaning your face with what you use to clean your bench”.

So there’s no need to feel bad for not wanting to spend more than five minutes on your skincare. It’s probably all the time you need to spend anyway!

Ditch The Chemicals

Take a look at the ingredients of most beauty products and you’ll think you need a chemistry degree to decipher them. With the rise in skin sensitivities, people now want to know what’s actually going on their skin. We want products that work, that don’t require deep Google research to understand what’s in them.

How To Remove Makeup Without Chemicals

You can actually remove makeup with just water and ONE thing. I’m talking about microfibre.

Microfibres are thousands of tiny fibres, each finer than a strand of human hair. With just water, microfibres loosen, lift and trap ALL makeup and impurities from your skin.


Unlike regular cotton washcloths, microfibres literally work like suction cups to clean and remove makeup in one go. You only need water for microfibres to work their magic, so you can ditch the makeup removers and cleansers for good!

After using a microfibre cloth, you just wash your cloth with regular soap and water and hang it to dry. Premium microfibre cloths can be used up to a THOUSAND times.

Microfibre Cloths Do It All

Not just for removing makeup and cleaning your skin, microfibres also gently exfoliate. The tiny fibres are amazing at lightly buffing your skin which is perfect for daily exfoliation.

Which means you can ALSO ditch your exfoliant.

By gently exfoliating daily you prep your skin to better receive the serums or moisturisers you put on afterwards. So you’re making your other beauty products work even better.

You Need Premium Microfibre

While microfibre is magic for skincare, a word of caution. Not all microfibre cloths are best for your delicate facial skin. Premium microfibre is designed for maximum softness, which is super important when you are using it on your face. The five pack of microfibre cloths from the supermarket just won’t cut it.

The quality of microfibre cloths can be measured by their grams per square metre (GSM). Cheap cloths weigh anywhere from 150-250 GSM. These cloths won’t feel as soft and simply won’t last longer than a few dozen washes.

Skincare Made Simple

You can save time, money and ditch the overwhelming skincare routines with the beauty of microfibre cloths. No more face wipes, makeup removers, cleansers or exfoliants. Just make sure you use a microfibre cloth designed for your skin.

Get your ultra soft 450GSM microfibre face cloth, the Cleanse & Polish Face Cloth by Elise Louise here.

Elise Louise is the client certified 'brow wizard'. Seriously, she has the Hogwarts certificate her client made her to prove it.

Find her in her Melbourne salon, specialising in the Soft Powder Brow Tattoo, the Keratin Lash Lift and expert brow services.

Check out more of her blog here or see her on Youtube here.


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