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Lash Lift Gone Wrong? Here's How To Fix It.

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

So you were super excited for your newly lifted lashes and then…. you ended up with frizz on your eyelids. Noooooooooo!!! Often lash lifts go very wrong and you end up with crimped, spider leggy lashes. NOT ideal. And certainly not what you were promised from a lash lift. Firstly let me explain why this happens and then how I can help you fix it.

WTF happened?!

To put it simply? Over processing happened to your poor little lashes. Lash lifts are traditionally done using Thioglycolic acid. This is a perming agent - the same ingredient used to perm the hairs on your head. But it is STRONG.

The way a perm works is to firstly open up the scales of your hair. This is to essentially break down the structure of your hair so it can be then restructured in a different way. Thioglycolic acid (TA) does this quite aggressively. It raises the Ph of your hair SUPER fast which opens up your hair scales very quickly. Then a neutralising agent is put on to lower the Ph and hair scales and set the hair in it’s new position.

When the Ph of your lashes is dramatically raised and lowered, it weakens the hair. This is the first reason why they get damaged and what causes frizz.

Normal Lash Lifts Can Weaken Lashes

The second reason is that TA is placed on the root of your lashes during a lash lift. The root of your lashes is where the lift comes from. If TA was placed on the tips of your lashes they would get damaged because the tips of your lashes are very fine. HOWEVER…. When you put TA on the roots of your lashes, you are unknowingly also putting it on the tips of the baby lashes that are just starting to grow in. So when these lashes grow out, the tips of them are already damaged. This is why sometimes you don’t see the damage from a lash lift until weeks later!

What To Do Now?

The damage is done so you now have two options.


1. Wait for all of your frizzed lashes to grow out and your new undamaged lashes to grow in. This will take at least a few months. Conditioning treatments may help a little, but in my experience they don’t visibly reverse the damage that has been done. Once kinks and frizz are visible, conditioning treatments can’t straighten those out. They can add hydration and nutrition but they can’t FIX frizz.

Get It Fixed.

2. Get a Keratin Lash Lift that uses Cysteine as it’s perming agent. You need to remove the kinks and frizz from your lashes. Which a lash lift does. But you can’t get another TA lash lift because you’ll make the problem worse! Enter Cysteine. This little amino acid is the next wave of perming solution. How it differs is that it SLOWLY raises the Ph of your lashes to gently open hair scales without causing damage. Lashes are gently lifted. Cysteine is heat activated, so as soon as the heat is removed processing stops. But your hair scales are still open. That’s when the Keratin treatment is infused into your lashes, actually penetrating the hair. This gives much needed strength and hydration back to your lashes. Then a Ph lowering solution is applied to lower your hair scales and seal in the Keratin treatment. Your lashes are now in better condition than they were with no more kinks or frizz.

Keratin Lash Lift using Cysteine on damaged lashes.

As there is no chance of damage being caused with a Cysteine based lash lift, you can get it done anytime. If you’ve had a bad lash lift you don’t have to wait for your lashes to grow out, you can get them fixed! Hooray!

Find out more about the Keratin Lash Lift using Cysteine here or book instantly to have your lashes fixed at Elise Louise here.

Elise Louise
Elise Louise

Elise Louise is the client certified 'brow wizard'. Seriously, she has the certificate her client made her to prove it.

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