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Microblading Went Wrong? You Can Fix It.

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

It’s a story I hear all too often and it’s ALWAYS devastating. You paid good money to have the brows of your dreams and you trusted your brow technician to give them to you. And now here we are. But the good news is you’ve come to the right place. Bad microblading can often be fixed. But first it’s important to know why it didn’t work.

Microblading Didn’t Last

Because microblading involves making cuts in the skin, it must be done VERY superficially. The cuts should only be made just into the bottom layers of the epidermis which is quite superficial for tattooing. If cuts are made deeper, they won’t look fine enough to resemble hairs and there is the potential for bleeding and blurring.

Due to skin cell turnover this means that superficial microblading doesn’t last very long. Touch ups are generally needed every 6 - 9 months. More sessions = more trauma to skin AND your wallet.

Microblading Went Blurry

Microblading cuts soften and blur over time. The manual method of microblading doesn’t place pigment precisely or at a consistent depth in the skin. So the pigment migrates over time and makes the cuts look blurred.

Microblading Turned Pink

Over time your microblading can turn pink. This is because iron oxide pigments were used. There are two reasons for iron oxide pigments turning pink - a chemical reaction that occurs in the body with iron oxides and the size of the colour molecules. All pigments are made up of a combination of red, yellow, black and white. The black iron oxide molecule is often the smallest sized particle so it is absorbed by the body the quickest. Which means you are left with a combination of red, yellow and white which equals…. you guessed it! Pink or orange.

How Microblading Can Be Fixed

Microblading can be covered up with the newest type of eyebrow tattoo - the soft powder technique.

Also known as ombre, this technique can effectively cover pink or blurred microblading. Using a cosmetic tattoo machine, a single needle places dots of pigment throughout the brow. The skin heals far better around dots of pigment, as the overall integrity of the skin is better preserved.

A tattoo machine can also place pigment at a precise, consistent and deeper level in the skin which means it will last longer. You’ll get at least a year out of your tattoo before fading begins. And fading happens more evenly than it does with microblading, due to more consistent placement of pigment. So even when soft powder brow tattoos fade, they still look good!

The Soft Powder Brow Tattoo Looks Better For Longer

Colour can be built up and graduated with machine techniques, meaning results can be tailored to your unique brows. This can’t be done with microblading, as you can’t build up cuts!

Pink brows can be corrected with iron oxide FREE pigments, also known as organics. Organic pigment molecules fade at a similar rate, so the resulting colour is more stable. No more pink brows!

You don’t have to put up with bad microblading. Have your brows corrected with the latest techniques and pigments. Visit 'Microblading Corrections'.

Book your free, no-obligation consultation about microblading correction here with Elise Louise, the Soft Powder Brow Tattoo specialist.

Elise Louise
Elise Louise

Elise Louise is the client certified 'brow wizard'. Seriously, she has the certificate her client made her to prove it.

Find her in her Melbourne salon, specialising in the Soft Powder Brow Tattoo, the Keratin Lash Lift and expert brow services.

Check out more of her blog here.


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