Your new B.F.F.


(Brow Friend Forever)


book in your

free consultation for the

soft powder brow tattoo

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Microblading didn't work for you?

Brow feathering often doesn't last

and can change colour over time.

Find out how the Soft Powder Brow Tattoo

can help you... 


This is not your average lash lift...

Experience the only lash lift that GUARANTEES

healthier, stronger, lifted lashes.

The Keratin Lash Lift. 


Rushed Brows = Bad Brows.

Experience expert brow shaping with the time

and attention you deserve.

Shaping, custom tinting and keratin straightening

for your best brows yet.


WHAT clients SAY

“Loved every minute of my experience at Elise Louise. I felt no pain and my brows are perfection. I started getting compliments straight away love love love my new brows!”

- Ashlea








The Soft Powder / Ombre Brow Tattoo

Initial Procedure  $450

Perfecting Session  $150

Consultation for the Soft Powder / Ombre Brow Tattoo


Expert Brow Shaping  $30

Brow Tint  $25

Expert Brow Shaping & Brow Tint  $45

Expert Brow Shaping/Brow Tint/Lash Tint  $60

Expert Brow Shaping with Brow Builder

Volumising Tinted Brow Gel to take home  $55

Mens Brow Grooming $30

Mens Brow Tint $25

Mens Brow Grooming & Brow Tint $45

Keratin Brow Straightening $45

Brow Builder Volumising Tinted Brow Gel

by Elise Louise  $27

Lash Tint  $25

Keratin Lash Lift & Tint  $95


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